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Master of Public Health (MPH)

 Degree Requirements

To qualify for a degree, a student must earn a specified number of credits during the enrollment term described below, pass the thesis submission qualification test, submit their thesis, and have it approved.

1. Enrollment Term

Students must complete at least two years (four semesters) of study for a master's program. Students may be enrolled up to four years for a master's program. No enrollment after four years will be allowed.

2. Required Credits

A minimum of 30 credits (for full-time) or minimum credits (for part-time), core courses included
※ Core courses are 'Principles of Biostatistics', 'Principles of Epidemiology', 'Community Health Field Training', 'Introduction to Health Science and Service', and 'Thesis and Research'.
※ 'Thesis and Research' must be completed during the last two semesters. However, these credits do not count toward the program completion requirements.
Students should complete 9 credits in the recommended courses of each major.
※ If a core course or a recommendatory course is canceled (or renamed), you can take an alternative course.
※ If you wish to take a class in another graduate school within SNU, you need the consent of your academic advisor. A maximum of 15 credits (for full-time) or a maximum of 12 credits (for part-time) are required.
Students must also earn an overall GPA of 3.0 or above.

3. Acquired Credit per Semester

Full-time: Minimum 8 credits ~ Maximum 12 credits
Part-time: Minimum 6 credits ~ Maximum 9 credits
※ Course Code: '001' (for full-time), '002' (for part-time)
If a full-time student wants to take an evening class, the course codes are '002'.
However, if a course is opened as a full-time class, taking both day and evening classes is not allowed.
※ If a full-time student signs up for an evening class due to unavoidable circumstances, the student must enroll in courses for five terms.

4. Thesis Submission Qualification Exam

Students must pass their major test and an English test to attain the qualification to submit their thesis.