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Term of office 2016

Ho Kim is the 30th Dean of the GSPH and is a Professor of Biostatistics in the Program of Public Health.

Dean's Message

Health is one of the most important values that human beings pursue. Health is a human right, and at the same time, it is a pre-condition to participate in valuable economic and social activities for our wellbeing.
Health is determined by various social, environmental, economic, and political factors. Besides health care services, environments are a key determinant of our health status, which are also affected by income, education level, political will, and government policy. Public health is a cutting-edge and crucial discipline as it plays a leading role in the research on our health and its key determinants and in finding effective policy measures to improve our health.
Faculty members of the school of public health at Seoul National University are the best experts in public health issues in Korea. As the first school of public health, we have been pioneers in building public health theories and solving public health problems of Korea

Korean society faces new challenges associated with public health, such as low fertility, population aging, multi-culture with immigrants, environmental risk, climate change, health inequality, global health and development, and industrial health in high-tech industry, etc. School of public health at Seoul National University will continue to play a leading role in crafting innovative solutions for those challenges.

Ho Kim, Ph.D.
Dean, Graduate School of Public Health
Seoul National University


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