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    B.A., Korea Univ., 1997, Sociology
    M.A., Univ. of Texas-Austin, 1999, Sociology
    Ph.D., Univ. of Texas-Austin, 2002, Demography

    Research Interests

    Socioeconomic Differences in Health and Mortality,
    Impact of Area Characteristics on Health, Migration and Health, Elderly Health, Health Promotion, Low Fertility of Korea


    <정해진 미래>_북스톤(2016)

    *최근 3년간 (2014-2017)의 연구 업적입니다.
    (밑줄은 보건인구학교실 연구원)

    2016 Choi, Jihye, Youngtae Cho, Eunyoung Shim, and Heykyung Woo. 2016.
    “Web-based Infectious Disease Surveillance Systems and Public Health
    Perspectives: A Systematic Review.” BMC Public Health (forthcoming, SCIE Journal).

    2016 Shim, E, D. Kim, H. Woo, Y. Cho. “Designing a Sustainable Noise Mapping System based on Citizen Scientists’ Smartphone Sensor Data.” Plos One (forthcoming)

    2016 Woo, Hyekyung, Youngtae Cho, Eunyoung Shim, Hong Koo Lee, Chang-Gun Lee, and Seong Hwan Kim. “Estimating influenza outbreaks using both search engine query data and social media data in South Korea.” Journal of Medical Internet Research (forthcoming)

    2016 우혜경, 심은영, 조영태. “빅데이터와 모바일 헬스: 공공보건학적 가치와 향후 과제” 『통계연구』(게재예정)

    2016 Cha, Seung Man and Youngtae Cho. “Changes in Under-5 Mortality Rate and Major Childhood Diseases: A Country-Level Analysis.” Asia-Pacific Journal of Public Health 28(2): 178-196.

    2015 Balew, Jembere Gizachew, Youngtae Cho, Clara Tammy Kim and Woorim Ko. “Structural Determinants in Family Planning Service Utilization in Ethiopia, EDHS 2011 Analysis.” BioMed Research International Article ID 495745 (Open Access Journal)

    2015 Woo, Hyekyung, Youngtae Cho, EunyoungShim, Kihwang Lee and Gilyoung Song. “Public Trauma after the Sewol Ferry Disaster: The Role of Social Media in Understanding the Public Mood.” International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 12, 10974-10983; doi:10.3390/ijerph120910974. (Open Access Journal)

    2015 Kim, Sangmi, Seonju Yi, Meekyung Kim, Bokyung Kim Hwayoung Lee, Taekryeon Jeon, and Youngtae Cho. "Unequal geographic distribution of life expectancy in Seoul." Asia-Pacific Journal of Public Health 27(2): NP1002-NP1012.

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    2014 Cha, Seung Man and Youngtae Cho. "Fatal and non-fatal occupational injuries and diseases among migrant and native workers in South Korea." American Journal of Industrial Medicine 57(9): 1043-1052.


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