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  • Naomichi Yamamoto사진


    Waseda University 응용물리학과, 학사, 1997
    Univ. of California, L.A., 환경보건학, 석사, 2000
    Univ. of Tokyo, 환경학, 박사, 2006
    Yale University, 환경공학, Postdoc, 2012


    에어로졸, 환경 미생물학, 도시공기질 연구
    노출과학과 실내공기질에 중점을 둔 보건학연구



    최근 5년간(2011-2015)의 연구업적입니다.

    - Peer-Reviewed International Journal Articles -

    An, C., Yamamoto, N.* (2016). Fungal compositions and diversities on indoor
    surfaces with visible mold growths in residential buildings in the Seoul Capital
    Area of South Korea, Indoor Air, doi:10.1111/ina.12261.

    Lee, S., Yamamoto, N.* (2015). Accuracy of the high-throughput amplicon
    sequencing to identify species within the genus Aspergillus, Fungal Biology
    119, (12) 1311-1321.

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