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◼︎ Decision of a Thesis Advisor

1. The decision of the thesis advisor is due within three months of entering university for all students. Students can change their thesis advisor within one year. However, until an advisor is selected, shared guidance may be provided by a student guidance professor designated by the school.

2. The maximum number of students that a professor can teach shall be within than 2 students among incoming freshmen in March(Round 1), and within 1 student in September(Round 2). This provision does not apply for students returning from leave of absence.

3. Where an advisor retires due to retirement age, he/she may freely select an advisor within the scope of his/her department and other major. However in this case, the student must consult with his/her advisor before changing the major due to the change of advisor. However, when it is impossible for an advisor to provide ‘guidance’ due to overseas training, etc. at the time when a student must graduate, the above provisions shall apply. At this time, the scope of the ‘guidance’ means that the advisor must be able to attend the thesis review.

◼︎ Thesis Submission Qualification Exam
1. All students must pass the Thesis Submission Qualification Examination (hereinafter referred to as TSQE) to write a thesis. The essay is an English test and a Comprehensive test. In the case of the English test, it is not conducted separately and is determined by the TEPS score taken at the time of admission or after admission, according to the ‘English Qualification Recognition System’ described below.

① English subjects must score 327 TEPS points (601 points before revision ) or 86 TOEFL IBT points (PBT 567 points, CBT: 227 points) before submitting the Thesis Proposal, in order to be eligible for thesis submission.
However, those who have obtained the above scores at the time of admission are deemed to have already passed the English subject ‘Qualification Recognition System’.

② Period of TEPS and TOEFL acceptance
Semester 1: October of the previous year ~ March of current relevant year
Semester 2: April ~ September of current relevant year

** In the case of English-speaking or English-speaking countries, students must choose Korean instead of English as a foreign language test, and they can take alternative courses in the Korean language test (however, they must obtain their grades before submitting their thesis plan).

2. The Comprehensive test is conducted at the end of the semester. Students who have registered for more than three semesters after admission into PhD program and who have completed at least 30 credits or 54 credits in total for integrated master’s & PhD program are eligible to take the major test with the thesis advisor’s approval.


3. The comprehensive test is conducted by major of Div. of Public Health, Div. of Health Care Management and Policy, Dept. of Environmental Health


4. Professors in each major create two test questions, and the questions will be based on the recommendatory courses. Students need to answer four questions, including two questions from their thesis advisor, and 2 questions from a professor other than the thesis advisor. In unavoidable cases, the director may apply exceptions, such as commissioning an alternative examiner by collecting opinions from the Academic Committee.


5. In the Comprehensive test, the acceptance criteria shall be at least 70% for both thesis advisor section and other major sections.


6. The Comprehensive test contents are from the major recommendatory courses.


◼︎ Presentation of Thesis Proposal

1. The thesis proposal may only be submitted by qualified persons for the TSQE (including English requirements).


2.The thesis proposal shall be submitted to the administration office by the 5th of the month previous to the commencement of the thesis proposal presentation (8 copies total)


3. The thesis proposal shall be prepared in 11 points in text size in A4 (no word/page count limit). The thesis proposal shall include research topic, purpose of research, necessity of research, related literature review, research method, expected effect, reference, etc., in detail.


4. At the same time as the thesis proposal is submitted, an examination committee shall be formed pursuant to Article 24 of the Degree Grant Regulations, and the thesis advisor shall recommend the thesis reviewer.


5. The publication of the submitted thesis proposal shall be evaluated for its validity and possibility in the disclosed location. This presentation may be held for each major, and at this time, at least a majority of professors in the relevant major of our graduate school shall attend the presentation.


6. The presentation of the thesis proposal is conducted at the beginning of each semester, and professors who attend the presentation conduct an ‘affirmative/negative’ evaluation of the presentation. Only when more than half of the participating professors evaluate as ‘Affirmative’ should the thesis proposal be accepted.


7. Where an advisor is unavoidably absent from the presentation of a thesis plan due to a business trip abroad, the Ph.D. student shall be allowed to present the plan when the Chairperson attends.

◼︎ Thesis Review Committee

1. When the thesis proposal is submitted, the advisor recommends the judges to form a thesis review committee.


2. The thesis review committee shall be composed of at least 5 members, including the thesis advisor and two or more GSPH professors. Where a joint thesis guidance professor other than a thesis guidance professor is commissioned, at least five judges shall be comprised, excluding the joint thesis guidance professor. The composition of the judges includes at least one judge belonging to another university (agency) outside Seoul National University. Except for advisors and external judges of Seoul National University, the rest of the judges shall be comprised of professors belonging to the Graduate School of Health (including BK professors of the Graduate School of Health), and if deemed necessary, at least one of the professors of other colleges in Seoul National University may be commissioned. The chairperson of the examination shall be the full-time professor of the Graduate School of Health (excluding advisor and honorary professors).


3. A thesis review member may make an evaluation statement when presenting a thesis preparation plan.

◼︎ Thesis Examination

1. From the semester after the thesis proposal is accepted as qualified, a thesis for examination may be submitted. The submission period shall be until the 15th of the previous month previous to the beginning of the semester.

2. A doctorate thesis shall be attached with a prescribed examination fee and documents in accordance with Article 22 of the Degree Grant Regulations. (Request for review of thesis, recommendation of advisor, resume, and other necessary documents)

3. Five copies of the completed paper must be submitted within the designated date.

4. A person who submits a thesis shall attend the thesis review committee at the date and time designated by the chairperson of the thesis review committee and comply with the examination of the thesis.

5. The chairperson of the thesis review committee initially evaluates the progress of the examination immediately at the start of the semester. This initial results report must be submitted by the first week of April, the first week of October, or the first week of October, and the thesis review can be conducted only after the evaluation result is qualified.

6. The summary of the thesis will be presented in early May or mid-November. The presentation should reflect the initial evaluation results, and the final results of the study should be published together. At this time, at least 1/2 of the professors in question must be present. If the thesis summary is not published, the examination will be suspended. At this time, if the published content and nature are different from the thesis proposal, it is not recognized.

◼︎ Thesis Submission

Those who pass the thesis examination should print their thesis according to the Print Standards for the Dissertation and submit it before the designated due date approval of the review examiner. If you have not turned in your final thesis in print, you are not considered to be a degree recipient. After the completion of the PhD courses, the doctoral thesis must be submitted within 6 years; in exceptional circumstances the student must follow degree granting regulations.

◼︎ Thesis Publication

1. (Publication of Thesis) A person who has obtained a doctorate degree under Article 27 of the Degree Grants Regulations shall publish a doctorate thesis by publishing a book, publishing a journal, publishing a regular publication, publishing an international academic journal, or other means within one year after obtaining the degree.

2. Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph (1), where a degree acquirer applies for a reservation of the publication of a dissertation due to scheduled patent applications, military secrets, or other unavoidable reasons, the head of each university (graduate) may suspend the publication within three years after deliberation by the Graduate School Bachelor’s Committee. (Amendment May 14, 2009)

3. Where a degree acquirer who has received a reservation for publication of a dissertation pursuant to paragraph 2 applies for a reservation of publication, the head of each university (graduate) may extend the reservation period within two years after deliberation by the Graduate School History Committee. (Amendment May 14, 2009)

4. Where there is a person eligible for publication under paragraphs (2) and (3), the head of each university (school) shall notify the head of the central library of the results thereof. (Amendment May 14, 2009)