Public Health Sciences

There are two majors in the division of Public Health sciences: Public Health and Health Care Management and Policy. Public Health sciences involve research related to the health statuses of target groups and related determinats as well as changes of these conditions of policy business planning and evaluations of the resulting effects.

Div. of Public Health

Div. of Health care Management and Policy

Public Health

The Division of Public Health places particular emphasis on multifaceted research methods for the assessment and analysis of health and health determinants. This division consists of five majors: biostatistics, epidemiology, bioinformatics, public health nutrition, and health demography.

Major in Biostatistics

The study of and dealing with the methodology of quantitatively analyzing data related to the public health field. The essential areas of various health theories that underlie the development of these areas are studied
  • Understanding of basic statistical techniques, processing and analysis of the health-related data
  • Production and utilization of health statistics indicators, development of disease distribution models in communities, and presentation of mortality types and causess
  • Assessment of linkages with social and environmental variables that affect disease or survival

Chronic Disease Epidemiology / Genome & Health Big Data / Time-Space Epidemiology

The study of examining the distribution and determinants of health events and applying the results to improve health levels. A field that diagnoses the health status of the community and provides the basis for health education and policy planning and project implementation.
  • Analysis of the distribution technology of epidemiological variables and the causal relationship between the influencing factors of variables
  • A study on the causal relationship between genotypes and phenotypes to understand the various functions of genes
  • Utilization of the latest research techniques in molecular biology, cytogenetics, and toxicology

Public health AI

Study related to the use, analysis, and organization of Big data (in healthcare and biology) using AI algorithms.

  • Data analysis to understand life phenomena using computational skills
  • Assessment of health risk factors through interdisciplinary studies including biology, mathematics, statistics, and computer science
  • Study on the transmission characteristics of viruses through AI techniques

Major in Public Health Nutrition

A study that focuses on utilizing nutritional knowledge and research results to promote the health of the community and prevent diseases.
  • Analysis of nutritional status, nutritional needs, nutritional problems and related factors, and relationship with diseases of local residents
  • Planning, implementation, evaluation, and development of nutrition management programs for efficient nutrition promotion programs

Major in Health Demography

Study of the implications of public health in terms of demographic factors (such as fertility, mortality, and migration) and their changes

  • Examines not only the causes and consequences of such social phenomena but also how and to what extent they affect the present and future of public health elements in society
  • Analysis of the socio-demographic determinants of health and disease
  • To investigate the socio-demographic determinants of inequality in health and illness has been a large study area of health demography