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Dept. of Environmental Health

Core Course

Public Health

Health care Management

Environmental Health

◼︎ Classes offered
Course CodeCourse NameCredit
901.771AEnvironmental Microbiology and Laboratory3-2-2
903.501AEnvironmental Chemistry3-3-0
903.503AIntroduction to Air Pollution1-1-0
903.524Water Pollution Management3-3-0
903.532BSampling & Analysis of Industrial Environment3-2-2
903.534Industrial Toxicology2-2-0
903.535Introduction to Occupational Medicine3-3-0
903.549Industrial Ventilation3-3-0
903.550BIndustrial Hygiene3-3-0
903.555AIntroduction to Aerosol Science and Technology3-3-0
903.556BEnvironmental Health Seminar1-1-0
903.557AIntroduction to Environmental Toxicology3-3-0
903.558BIntroduction to Environmental Health3-3-0
903.560BEnvironmental Health Risk Assessment3-3-0
903.565Indoor Environmental Quality3-3-0
903.566Introduction to Exposure Assessment3-3-0
903.567Biological Agents and Environmental Health3-3-0
903.570Toxicokinetics in Environmental Health3-3-0
903.574Aerobiology and Public Health3-3-0
903.576Physics for Environmental Health Sciences3-3-0
903.578Advanced Studies on Microbial Genomics3-3-0
M0.003100Emerging Contaminants and Exposome3-3-0
M0.004300Consumer Exposure and Risk Assessment1-1-0
M0.004400Advanced Atmospheric Chemistry3-3-0
M0.004500Aerosol Chemistry and Physics3-3-0
M0.004600Application of Integrated Exposure and Risk Assessment for Consumer1-1-0
M0.005400Occupational Epidemiology3-3-0
M0000.016400Topics in Human Microbiome and Health3-3-0
M0000.016600Occupational Health in Electronic Industry3-3-0
M0000.021400Understanding Environmental Health Policy3-3-0
M0000.029800Workshop for Career Development in Environment and Policy2-1-2
M0000.020200Sustainable Health and Environment With Global Perspectives2-2-0
M2191.001100Statistical analysis for environmental health data3-3-0
M2191.001200Human exposure assessment using biomonitoring3-3-0
M2191.001300Principles and practices of human exposure assessment3-3-0
M2191.000800Environmentall Chemicals and Human Health1-1-0
M2070.000200Global Environmental Health Practicum3-0-6
◼︎ The recommendatory courses

Student should complete 9 credits in the recommendatory courses of each major.