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Master of Public Health (MPH)

1. Decision of a Thesis Advisor

The decision of the thesis advisor is due within three months of entrance into school. Students can change their thesis advisor within one year.

2. Thesis Submission Qualification Exam

The Thesis Submission Qualification Exam consists of the major test and the English test.
The Major Test

Students who have registered for more than three semesters and who have completed at least 24 credits (for full-time) or 20 credits (for part-time) are eligible to take the major test with the thesis advisor's approval.
Professors in each major create two test questions, and the questions will be based on the recommendatory courses. Students need to answer four questions, including two questions from their thesis advisor. To pass the test, students must earn more than 60 points out of 100 and must earn at least 15 points for each question (a 25-point scale per question).
The English Test

Those who have obtained English test scores that meet or exceed the criteria below
    TEPS: 601 or TOEFL (IBT or PBT or CBT): 85 or 563 or 223
Only to students who earned the required scores upon enrollment are assumed to have met the English test requirements.

**  If a student's nationality is an English-speaking country or his/her country's official language is English, the student should take Korean Language Test. (Korean Language Test is taken in March and September. Pass criterion MPH 60/100, Ph.D 70/100). Korean Language Test can be substituted by taking a class "Korean Language and Culture 1 or 2" and getting "S" grade. (This class must be taken before submitting a dissertation proposal.)

3. Presentation of Thesis Proposal

Thesis proposal which has received the thesis advisor's approval will be submitted to the administrative office on the due date. The thesis proposal should include information regarding the research topic, the research purpose, the necessity of the research, the research methods, the expected effectiveness, a review of references, and the references. The thesis proposal should be a maximum of five A4-size pages in length, and students should submit 8 copies of it to the administrative office. The thesis proposal has to be submitted by those who pass or those who will take the thesis submission qualification exam. The proposal will be presented at the beginning of the semester for each major program. The result is graded 'pass or fail'. When you present your thesis proposal, your thesis advisor must attend the presentation. If, for some reason, your thesis advisor misses the presentation, one member of the thesis committee must attend the presentation.

4. Thesis Committee

When you submit your thesis proposal, you must set up a thesis committee to review your paper. The committee is comprised of three members of the GSPH faculty, including your thesis advisor. In order for the committee to be commissioned, you need to have your thesis advisor's approval. Your thesis advisor will be commissioned as a member of the judging panel for the presentation.

5. Thesis Examination and Interview

The draft of your thesis should receive your thesis advisor's approval, and the thesis should be written according to the Documentation Guidelines for the Dissertation. Three copies of your thesis must be submitted to the administrative office on the due date. The thesis committee can specify examination dates. Candidates for the thesis exam will have an interview on a designated date. Candidates have to defend their thesis before a panel of examiners.

6. Thesis Submission

Those who pass the thesis examination should print their thesis according to the Print Standards for the Dissertation. If you have not turned in your final thesis in print, you are not considered to be a degree recipient. The GSPH recommends that M.P.H candidates publish their paper in an international journal. After the completion of the master's courses, the master's thesis must be submitted within four years.


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