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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

To qualify for a degree, a student must earn a specified number of credits during the enrollment term stated below, pass the thesis submission qualification test, submit their thesis, and have it approved.

1. Enrollment Term

Students must complete at least two years (four semesters) of enrollment for a doctoral program. Students may be enrolled for up to six years for a doctoral program. No enrollment after six years will be allowed.

2. Required Credits

Minimum 36 credits, core courses included

  - Core course is 'Thesis and Research'.

  - Advanced Studies in Public Health Sciences is changed to the elective course from 2015 spring semester. So, all doctoral candidates should be required to take the Advanced Studies in Public Health Sciences or the recommendation course of the other major(3 credits).

  - 'Thesis and Research' must be completed during the last two semesters. However, these credits do not count toward the program completion requirements.

  - In addition to the credits required for the completion of the master's course, extra credits earned during the master's course are allowed as credits for the doctoral course: Limit: up to 12 credits

  - Students who did not graduate from the GSPH should take core master's courses (expect for Community Health Field Training) and subjects commended by their thesis advisor.
Credits for these courses are included as part of the 36 credits.

Exception: Students are exempt if they obtain their thesis advisor's permission to not take the courses.
In consideration of information such as educational background and career records, the academic committee can approve this case as well.

- If a student wishes to take a class in another graduate school within SNU, they need the consent of their academic advisor: Maximum 18 credits.
Students must also earn an overall GPA of 3.0 or above.

3. Acquired Credit per Semester

If you are a full-time student: Maximum 12 credits
 - Full-time students have no job and study five days a week at school.

4. Thesis Submission Qualification Exam

Students must pass their major test and an English test to attain the qualification to submit their thesis.


<Foreign Students from English-spoken Country>

Students must pass both major test and Korean test until 3rd semester . Students can not apply for Thesis Submission Qualification Exam(Major Test, korean Test) and submit Thesis at the same semester.

  - Foreign Students from English-Spoken country  should apply for Korean Test in March and September.                             (until 3rd semester, MPH - 60/100, PhD - 70/100)

  - Korean Language Test can be substituted by taking class Korean Language and Culture 1 or 2” (990.804 or 990.805) and acquiring “S” grade(until 3rd semester) (This class credit do not included in Graduation credits)

5. Publication of Papers

You should publish one paper (or more) as a first author or a corresponding author in S/SCI, AHI, or SCIE (IF 2.0 or more) journals. However, for those in the Div. of Public Health Care and Management, two papers published in a Korean journal will meet the requirements. An author should be noted as belonging to the Public Health Graduate School of Seoul National University. The same paper cannot be used to meet the requirements for graduation for two or more students.


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