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Div. of Health care Management and Policy

There are two majors in the division of Public Health sciences: Public Health and Health Care Management and Policy. Public Health sciences involve research related to the health statuses of target groups and related determinants as well as changes of these conditions of policy and business planning and evaluations of the resulting effects.


Health Care Management and Policy

Faculty members of Div. of Health Care Management and Policy carry out research about health care issues for policy analysis and the specialized research of management. This division consists of eight majors: Health Economics, Health Sociology, Health and Health Policy, Health Economics and Policy, Community Health Promotion, Aging Health Policy & Systems Research, Health Care Organization and Management, and Global Health.


Major in Health Economics

Study and analysis for efficient and equitable resource allocation in health sector, using Economics and Econometrics approach

 - Topics cover medical care, health insurance, regulation in health care sector, health care systems
 – Economic evaluation of health care programs
 - Research for the equitable distribution of resources

Major in Health Sociology

Study and analysis to understand social interactions in terms of health and disease parameters

- Deals with health-related issues from the viewpoint of social theory
- An understanding of the social dimensions of health affairs and medical practices
- Provides the student with basic health survey methods and theoretical schemes for analyzing the social relations embedded in health care

Major in Health Policy

The study on overall policies related to health and healthcare
A field that analyzes health policies by integrating public health knowledge and social science principles

- Research on the concept and value of health policy and critically analyze the policy content, context, and process from the perspective of political actors
- Analyze the structure and mechanisms of health inequality and study the health system with publicness

Major in Health Economics and Policy (Political Economy)

The approach of economics and political science to study health policy and health systems

- Domestic health care system design, analysis and evaluation from a political and economic perspective
- Comparative analysis of international health care policies and systems
- Integrates economics and political science to analyze and provide policy options for health policy and systems of both developed and low-income countries

Major in Cities, Communities and Health Promotion

An area of health promotion study that highlights healthy settings approaches through community actions, supportive environments and city systems

- Qualitative research exploring urban contexts for health promotion
- Design and analysis of participation, collaboration and action for the health and wellbeing of communities in aspects of people, place and systems

Major in Aging Health Policy & Systems Research

Study of population health and care issues in an aging society; health and long-term care policy and systems responding to population aging

- Analyze health and social changes related to population aging and public policy responses to the changes at domestic and international levels
- Design, analyze and evaluate people-centered, integrated health and social care systems and policy for an aging society
- Conduct health and long-term care system performance analyses and comparisons
- Study theories and methodologies to analyze and develop innovative health-wellness services based on a new paradigm of health; and evaluate their implementations

Major in Health Care Organization and Health Communication

Study of the organization and causes of the phenomena related to health care
Risk research on the health of individuals and communities and the mechanisms of environmental risk response

- Research on health, medical governance, and management issues based on organizations and theories of organization behavior
- Study of a variety of health and environmental risk-related phenomena based on risk perception and communication theories
- Development an improved health management care for individuals and communities by means of health literacy

Major in Global Health

An area of study that focuses on health issues that transcend national boundaries through cooperative actions and multidisciplinary approaches, with an ultimate goal of improving health and achieving equity for all people worldwide

- Analyzes and evaluates global health policies intended to contribute to the reduction of health inequities
- Conducts research on methods for strengthening health systems performance for effective deliveries of health programs in developing countries
- Develops theories and practical methods of priority setting and resource allocation that reflect the cultural and socioeconomic status of each state and the level of cooperative actions in the state


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