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Course Code Course Name Credit
901.742 Advanced Studies in Public Health Sciences 3-3-0
901.758A Topics on Fate and Transport of Environmental Pollutants 3-3-0
901.766A Studies in Environmental Toxicology 3-3-0
901.768B Microbial Risk Assessment 3-3-0
901.769 Molecular Public Health Microbiology 3-3-0
903.509A Environmental Impact Assessment 3-3-0
903.533 Scientific Basis for Occupational Exposure Standards 2-2-0
903.543 Occupational Health and Safety Management 2-2-0
903.561 Topics in Climate Change 3-3-0
903.563 Strategy and Assessment of Working Environment Exposure 3-3-0
903.564 Advanced Exposure Analysis 3-3-0
903.568 Topics on Water Chemistry and Experiment 3-2-2
903.569A Quantitative Methods of Exposure Assessment 3-3-0
903.571A Molecular Toxicology Perspectives 3-3-0
903.575 Current Topics on Aerobiology and Public Health 3-3-0
903.577A Global environmental health 3-3-0
M2191.000800 Environmentall Chemicals and Human Health 1-1-0


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