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Div. of Health care Management and Policy

Course Code Course Name Credit
901.742 Advanced Studies in Public Health Sciences 3-3-0
900.540B Political Economy of Health System and Policy 3-3-0
901.749B Critical Health Policy 3-3-0
901.776 Social Theory of Health 3-3-0
902.624B Health Promotion Program Planning 3-3-0
902.678 Econometrics in Health Care II 3-3-0
902.693A Urban Health and Community Research 3-3-0
2072.000700 Seminar in Health Economics 3-3-0
2072.000800 Seminar on Healthcare Industry 3-3-0
2072.000900 ultilevel Health Promotion and Integrated Approaches 3-3-0
2073.002000 Global Health Research Methods 3-3-0
2191.000100 Studies in Health Systems and Services 3-3-0
2191.000200 Seminar in Mental Health 3-3-0


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