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Course Code Course Name Credit
901.742 Advanced Studies in Public Health Sciences 3-3-0
901.745 Categorical Data Analysis 3-3-0
901.765 Genome Epidemiology 3-3-0
901.774 Seminar in the Study of Human Population 3-3-0
901.779 Tobacco Control and Health 3-3-0
902.687 Evaluation Methodology for Health Promotion Program 3-3-0
902.698 Topics in Bioinformatics 3-3-0
M2073.001100 Seminar on recent trends in epidemiologic research 3: Public Health Implicatoins 1-1-0
M2073.001200 Seminar on recent trends inepidemiologic research 4: ICT technology and Big Data 1-1-0
M2073.001300 ICT-based community health promotion and practice 3-3-0
M2073.001400 community health service design and practice 3-3-0
M2073.001500 Spatiotemporal Epidemiology in Practice 3-3-0
M2073.001600 Injury Epidemiology 3-3-0
M2073.001700 Forensic Epidemiology 3-3-0
M2073.001800 Reading the Classics of Epidemiology 3-3-0


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