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1.Classes offered

Course Code Course Name Credit
900.516B Environmental Epidemiology 3-3-0
M2191.002200 Occupational Epidemiology 3-3-0
900.533A Introduction to Radiation Health 3-3-0
M2073.002200 Research Techniques for Demography 3-3-0
901.777A Analysis of Human Fertility 3-3-0
902.524B Epidemiology of Chronic Non-communicable Diseases 3-3-0
902.538B Epidemiology of Aging 3-3-0
902.571 Data Processing in Health Research 2-2-0
902.607A Molecular Epidemiology 3-3-0
902.611 Linear Statistical Analysis 3-3-0
902.621A Nutritional Epidemiology in Public Health 3-3-0
902.650A Public Health Nutrition 3-3-0
902.652A Nutritional Assessment 3-3-0
902.655 Topics in Epidemiology and Vaccinology 2-2-0
902.662B Topics of Climate Change and Health 3-3-0
M2073.002300 Understanding Demography 3-3-0
902.668 Social Epidemiology 3-3-0
902.670A Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases 3-3-0
902.671 Practice of Biostatistics 3-3-0
902.673 Analytic Methods in Family-twin Study 3-3-0
902.674 Personalized Health and Medicine 3-3-0
902.682A Common Complex Disease Epidemiology 1 3-3-0
902.686 Statistical Methods in Public Health 3-3-0
902.688 Common Complex Disease Epidemiology 2 3-3-0
902.694 Seminar on Recent Trends in Epidemiologic Research 1: Methodology 1-1-0
902.695 Seminar on Recent Trends in Epidemiologic Research 2: New results 1-1-0
902.698 Topics in Biomatics 3-3-0
902.700 Statistics for global health and population 3-3-0
902.701 Global Health Epidemiology 3-3-0
M2073.002100 Epidemiologic Research with R and Python 3-3-0
M2059.000200 Research in Epidemic Models 3-3-0
902.703 Understanding mHealth 3-3-0
M2073.000100 Seminar on Practice of Epidemiology 1: Case Studies 1-1-0
M2073.000200 Seminar on Practice of Epidemiology 2: Application 1-1-0
M2073.000300 Seminar on Practice of Biostatistics 1: Case Studies 1-1-0
M2073.000400 Seminar on Pratice of Biostatistics Application 1-1-0
M2073.000600 Advanced Theory for Health Statistics 3-3-0
M2073.002000 Genome Epidemiology1 3-3-0
M2073.000700 Genome Epidemiology2 3-3-0
M2073.000800 Understanding Bioinformatics 3-3-0
M2073.000900 Application of Bioinformatics 3-3-0
M2073.001100 Seminar on recent trends in epidemiologic research 3: Public Health Implicatoins 1-1-0
M2073.001200 Seminar on recent trends inepidemiologic research 4: ICT technology and Big Data 1-1-0
M2073.001300 ICT-based community health promotion and practice 3-3-0
M2073.001400 Community health service design and practice 3-3-0
M2073.001500 Spatiotemporal Epidemiology in Practice 3-3-0
M2073.001600 Injury Epidemiology 3-3-0
M2073.001700 Forensic Epidemiology 3-3-0
M2073.001800 Reading the Classics of Epidemiology 3-3-0

Advanced Computational Programming for Public Health Data Analysis

M2073.002500 Statistical Analysis for Clinical Trial 3-3-0
M2073.002600 Statistical Causal Inference 3-3-0

The recommendatory courses

Student should complete 9 credits in the recommendatory courses of each major.


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