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Medical Residency Training Program

This training program is intended to train expert doctors with the ability to manage public health and solve health care problems related to epidemiology, health management, and occupational medicine.

Preventive Medicine Program

The Preventive Medicine Program is established to train experts in preventive medicine under the guidance of advisors. In addition, this program involves various projects related to treatment by the health center run by the Graduate School of Public Health. Also, advising or participating in other lab-related areas in the GSPH of SNU. This program includes many seminars for the exchange of not only information from the WHO but also from domestic and international institutions. 

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Place : Bldg. 220, Room No. 756
Tel : 02-880-2743
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Occupational & Environmental Medicine Program

The Occupational & Environmental Medicine Program carries out research related to the management and study of mechanisms pertaining to risk factors in the environment of workplaces that lead to a state of disease or death. In addition, this program will create a descriptive model of safety in our society and examine the occurrence in public health problems with the cooperation of the community and workplaces. 

Website :
Place : Bldg. 220, Room No. 756
Tel : 02-880-2742


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