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보건대학원 시설정보
Computer Room
Location: Bldg. 221, Room 307
State: 1 computer for lectures, 42 practical computers, 1 beam projector, 1 complex printer
How to use: When using computer room for lectures and seminars, you should ask the person in charge about its availability first and then apply to the Administration Office of Educational Affairs for a rental service.<>



Reading Room
Location: Bldg. 221, Room 312
State: Dissertation, book and periodicals about public health.



Center Laboratory
Location: Bldg. 221, Room 515
How to use: This site is for teaching and research purposes only.
If you wish to do so, please contact the laboratory assistant first.
(Applicants who wish to use outside the institution must have permission from the GSPH laboratory management chairperson depending on the nature of use.)



Nursing Room
Location: Bldg. 221, Room 327



7th Floor Lounge
Location: Bldg. 220 7th floor


학내 무선인터넷 사용
1. SNUWireless사용 (snuwireless 프로그램 설치 후, snu 로그인 접속)
2. SNU_U+Zone사용 (pw: lguplus100)


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