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    The Korean Journal of Public Health

    The Korean Journal of Public Health is an academic journal published by the Institute of Health and Environment of Seoul National University. Founded in 1977, it is one of the best public health journals in Korea. The articles in the journal represent the recent trends and the latest developments in the field of Korean Public Health, covering various themes within specific areas in the field.

    1. Range of Manuscript

    The Korean Journal of Public Health, published by Institute of Health and Environment of Seoul National University, includes information associated with various research results related to health research. Thus, the range of manuscripts clearly contributes the development of domestic public health given their high value in publication and public health

    2. Type of Manuscript

    The types of manuscripts are categorized as outlined below.
    1) Research Paper
        Papers that include experiments related to public health topics and new scientific knowledge including the experimental results pertaining to experimental methods and charts, figures and uncovering new facts.
    2) Review Paper
        Papers that strengthen existing theories, indicate future prospects, and offer the author's opinion by referring to various papers and books related to the topic of public health.

    3. Authorship

    Manuscripts related to the public health of all nations and all scholars are aimed at publication.

    4. Preparation of Manuscript

    1) Language : Each manuscript should be written in Korean or English. The abstract should be written only in English.
    2) Format : The papers can be typed with MS Word.
                    The manuscripts should follow the format of the Manuscript Template Sample from the KJPH website.
    3) Pages : The manuscripts recommended for publication should be more than 5 pages and less than 15 pages.

    5. Submission of Manuscript

    Authors can submit their manuscripts after becoming a member of the Korean Journal of Public Health. They are requested to submit their papers electronically through online manuscript submission process by emailing

    6. Review Process

    Upon the submission of a manuscript, the board of editors for the Korean Journal of Public Health will review the paper regarding the appropriateness of its content. After the review, the authors may be asked to revise their manuscript based on comments from reviewers and editors via an email to the corresponding author.


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