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  • Teaching Assistant Scholarship

    In principle, candidates are full-time students in a doctoral course who are recommended by their thesis advisor and who have a GPA of 3.3 or above for the last semester (except for freshman). Only one student per thesis advisor is granted this scholarship. Recipients should work supporting lab-related administrative tasks and undertaking preparations for lectures. 

    - Number of Recipients: 26 students
    - Benefit: Tuition waiver and support funding for study 
    - Master's program: 200,000 won/month, Doctoral program: 300,000 won/month.
    - A Research student who completes master's program (or doctoral program) : 500,000 won/month (or 900,000 won/month).

    Tuition Exemption Scholarship 

    Candidates are those who are disabled or overseas students or students who have a difficult family background with a GPA above 3.3 for the last semester.
    -Benefit: Exemption from paying a certain amount of tuition

    Work-Study Scholarship

    This scholarship is awarded to students in need of extra financial support. Recipients are required to work 10 or 15 or 20 hours every week as an assistant at various institutions on campus, such as reading rooms, computer rooms, a laboratory, or in the student union.

    - Number of Recipients: 8 students
    - Benefit: support funding for study
    - Type 1. 320,000 won/month (10hrs/week, 40hrs/month)
      Type 2. 480,000 won/month (15hrs/week, 60hrs/month)
      Type 3. 800,000 won/month (20hrs/week, 80hrs/month) 

    CMB (China Medical Board) & Public Lecture Institution operating expense scholarship

    This scholarship is awarded to the full-time students in a doctoral program with research assistantships for public health research and education.
    Each division has different criteria pertaining to candidate selection.

    - Number of Recipients: 9 students
    - Benefit: 2,500,000 won/person

    GSPH Foundation Scholarship

    The GSPH Foundation provides a scholarship to students with excellent academic performance.

    - Number of Recipients: Determined by Scholarship Commitee
    - Benefit: Determined by Scholarship Commitee 

    SNU Foundation Scholarship

    The SNU Foundation provides a scholarship to students with excellent academic performance.
    -Type: Lee Jooyong-Song Jaesuk Scholarship, Park Ilsung Scholarship, Seong-Gak                 Scholarship, Paik Namwon Scholarship
    -Number of Recipients: 1 student per each Scholarship
    -Benefit: Determinded by budget

    GSPH Alumni Scholarship

    These scholarships are awarded to a graduate-to-be with excellent academic performance. 
    - Type of Recipient: 3 students in a master's program, 
    - Benefit: 1,000,000 won/person

    Other Scholarship

     ① Park Myeongyun-Lee Haengja Teukji Scholarship
    This scholarship is awarded to students who receive the highest score for their presentation of their thesis proposal
    - Scholarship granter: Park Myeongyun and Lee Haengja
    - Type of Recipient: 2 students in a master's program, 1 student in a doctoral program
    - Benefit: 500,000 won/person (for master's program), 1,000,000 won/person (for doctoral program)  

     ② Cheongbong Park Daegeun Teukji Scholarship
    In accordance with the wishes of the donator, this scholarship is awarded to those who have a firm intention to work for international health and who are majoring or interested in preventive medicine or international health and have an intention to work for international health and medicine. Eligibility is restricted to students currently enrolled in the Graduate School who, at the time of the provision of the scholarship, must register for at least one semester to complete the course work and whose grade point average (GPA) for the immediately preceding semester was 3.3 or above.
    - Scholarship granter: Park Daegeun
    - Benefit: support funding for study


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