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  • Projected Number of Admitted Students

    • Div. of Public Health : 8
    • Div. of Health Care Management and Policy : 8
    • Dept. of Environmental Health : 8

    Entrance Exam Schedule

    • Round 1: October
    • Round 2: April

    Criteria for Selection

    A. Selection factor & Distribution of marks

    Division Total Score English Test Major Written Exam Interview Document Screening
    Doctor 400 - - 200 200

    B. Way of Selection

    Division 선발방법
    Doctor Interview, Document screening results are added together, and successful applicants are selected in order of total score.

    Academic Requirements

    : Applicants must meet all of the following requirements:

    1. You hold a master's degree, or are considered by the admission committee to have acceptable intellectual competence at the level of someone holding an equivalent degree or higher.

    2. Those who meet the conditions above and who have obtained English test scores that meet the criteria below.

       Dept. of Public Health Science

          TEPS: 601 or TOEFL (CBT or IBT or PBT): 227 or 861) or 567

       Dept. of Environmental Health Sciences

          TEPS: 551 or TOEFL (CBT or IBT or PBT): 213 or 792) or 550

    1),2) From the admission of graduate schools in 2023, the TOEFL score will be raised: 1) 86 points → 96 points, 2) 79 points → 88 points.

    ※ The above the English test scores are the minimum levels.

    ※ A valid English test (within 2 years of the admission deadline)

    ※ Exception: we accept TEPS and TOEFL scores from more than 2 years ago if the scores were already submitted for an entrance exam for a SNU graduate school or as qualifying exams.

    ※ For those who are hearing-impaired (2~3 grade), except for listening tests, the scores of the other tests are converted into a percentage.

    ※ Those who graduate (or will) from a university in an English-speaking country: They are generally accepted to have the necessary English ability.


     Required documents

    A. Div. Public Health or Dep. Environmental Health Sciences

     1. Official Transcripts: 1 copy

       ① Transcript for the entire undergraduate course 

       ② Transcript for the entire graduate course 

        - Undergraduate transfer student: 1 copy of the transcript before and after the transfer

        - Prospective graduate: a 1 copy of transcript indicated until just before semester

        - Prospective graduates from SNU: There is no need to submit a transcript

     2. Original TOEFL Scores: 1 copy (If applicable)

     3. Cover Letter and Study Plan 

     4. Summary of Research Achievements including a Master's Thesis 

        - You should submit copies of the cover of research achievements


    B. Div. of Health Care Management and Policy 

    1. Identical to the required documents for the Div. Public Health or the Dep. Environmental Health above

      - Research achievements are limited to papers published in an academic journal over the past five years

    2. You should devote yourself to study as a full-time student for at least two semesters

    3. Recommendations from more than two persons, including your thesis advisor (no specific form)



    1. Required documents must be submitted as originals (except for requests to submit copies). Applicants should check the expiration date of all original forms.

    2. You must pay the application fee and the processing fee until Application Deadline  Otherwise, your application will be canceled.

    3. A received application cannot be modified. Also, there are no refunds.

    4. Because the deadline day is expected to be very busy (Internet and in-person), please submit your application before the deadline.

    5. Those who have submitted an online application should submit the required documents to the GSPH Administrative Office until Doucument supplement date.

    - If you have any questions or concerns, please call 02-880-2708 or check the website ( for details.

    - Please check the forms(Download) for admission on the GSPH admission notice board.

    - When entering the school, you will be charged for parking. Therefore, we ask that applicants take public transportation to the school if possible.


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