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  • Youngtae Cho 사진
    • 성명 Youngtae Cho
    • 직위 Professor
    • 학과 Public Health Sciences
    • 전공 Population Research
    • 사무실 Room no. 732, Bldg. 220
    • 홈페이지
    • 이메일
    • 연락처 +82-2-880-2718


    B.A., Korea Univ., 1997, Sociology
    M.A., Univ. of Texas-Austin, 1999, Sociology
    Ph.D., Univ. of Texas-Austin, 2002, Demography

    Research Interests

    Korea's lowest low fertility: its fundamental causes and policy reactions
    Vietnam's new population policy: population arrangements best for the economic development
    Business Demography
    Population Profiling


    * Books in Korean Language


    <The Determined Future> (Bookstone, 2016)

    <Determined Future Market Opportunities> (Bookstone, 2018)

    <Childless Society> (Kimyoungsa, 2019)

    <2020~2040, Vietnam's Determined Future> (Bookstone, 2019)

    * Research Papers

    2020 Kim, Yong-ook, Whanhee Lee, Ho Kim, and Youngtae Cho. “Social isolation and vulnerability to heatwave-related mortality in the urban elderly population: A time-series multi-community study in Korea” Environment International 142(2020)105862.

    DOI: (Corresponding author)


    2020 Herrador, Manuel, Youngtae Cho, Pil-Hwan Park. “Latest circular economy policy and direction in the Republic of Korea: Room for enhancements.” Journal of Cleaner Production 269(2020) 122336. 



    2020 Jung, Myunggu, Woorim Ko, Willam Muhwava, Yeohee Choi, Hanna Kim, Young Su Park, Gizachew Balew Jambere, and Youngtae Cho. “Mind the gaps: age and cause specific mortality and life expectancy in the older population of South Korea and Japan.” BMC Public Health 20:819. 

    DOI: (Corresponding author)


    2019 Jee, Yongho and Youngtae Cho. “Health behaviors and health status of Korean middle-aged men by marital status: Korea Community Health Study, 2015.” Epidemiology and Health. 2019;41:e2019019.

    DOI: (Corresponding Author). 


    2019 Jung, Myonggu, Woorim Ko, Yeohee Choi, and Youngtae Cho. “Spatial Variations in Fertility of South Korea: A Geographically Weighted Regression Approach.” International Journal of Geo-Information. 2019,8,262;

    DOI: (Corresponding Author)


    2019 Hoang, Van Minh, Juhwan Oh, Bao Ngoc Nguyen, Le Minh Dat, Jong-koo Lee, Thi Giang Huong Tran, Van Huy Nguyen, Seung-Pyo Lee, Kyung-sook Bang, Youngtae Cho, Sun-Young Kim, Hwa-Young Lee, Quang Cuoong Le, Narshil Choi, Thai Son Dinh, and Ngoc Hoat Luu. “Study Design for the 2016 Baseline Survey of a Health System Strengthening Project in Quoc Oai District, Hanoi, Vietnam.” Journal of Korean Medical Science 34(5): e42.



    2019 Ra, Chaelin Karen, Jimi Huh, Brian Karl Finch, Youngtae Cho. “The Impact of Perceived Discrimination on depression symptoms and the role of differentiated social support among immigrant populations in South Korea.” International Journal for Equity in Health 18:7

    DOI: (corresponding author)


    2020 Ko, Woorim, Myunggu Jung, Sungho Won and Youngtae Cho. "Demographic characteristics suitable for national development: A case study of Asian coutnries" Discourse and Policy in Social Science 13: 25~46.


    2019 Lee, Hana, and Youngtae Cho. "Comparison of health behaviors, disease prevalence between middle aged one-person households and multi-member households in South Korea." Health and Social Welfare Review 39(3): 380~407.


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