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  • Naomichi Yamamoto사진

    Curriculum Vitae



    B.Eng., Waseda University, 1997, Applied Physics
    M.S., Univ. of California, L.A., 2000, Environmental Health Sciences
    Ph.D., Univ. of Tokyo, 2006, Environmental Studies
    Postdoc, Yale Univ., 2012, Chemical and Environmental Engineering


    Research Interests

    Bioaersol, Atmospheric Microbiome, Urban Air Quality, Environmental Microbiology,
    Indoor Microbiome, Microbial Ecology, Molecular Ecology



    The publications are issued between 2012 and 2014.

    - Peer-Reviewed International Journal Articles -

    Yamamoto, N., Bibby, K.* (2014). Clustering of fungal community internal transcribed spacer sequence data obscures taxonomic diversity, Environmental Microbiology 16, (8) 2491-2500.

    Dannemiller, K., Lang-Yona, N., Yamamoto, N., Rudich, Y., Peccia, J.* (2014). Combining real-time PCR and next-generation DNA sequencing to provide quantitative comparisons of fungal aerosol populations, Atmospheric Environment 84, 113-121.

    Yamamoto, N., Dannemiller, K., Bibby, K., Peccia, J.* (in press). Identification accuracy and diversity reproducibility associated with internal transcribed spacer-based fungal taxonomic library preparation, Environmental Microbiology, doi: 10.1111/1462-2920.12338.

    Dannemiller, K., Reeves, D., Bibby, K., Yamamoto, N., Peccia, J.* (2014). Fungal High-throughput Taxonomic Identification tool for use with Next-Generation Sequencing (FHiTINGS), Journal of Basic Microbiology 54, (4) 315-321.

    Shendell, D.G.*, Mizan, S., Yamamoto, N., Peccia, J. (2012). Associations between quantitative measures of fungi in home floor dust and lung function among older adults with chronic respiratory disease: A pilot study, Journal of Asthma 49, (5) 502-509.

    Hospodsky, D., Qian, J., Nazaroff, W.W., Yamamoto, N., Rismani-Yazdi, H., Bibby, K., Peccia, J.* (2012). Human occupancy as a source of indoor airborne bacteria, PLoS ONE 7, (4) e34867.

    Lang-Yona, N., Dannemiller, K., Yamamoto, N., Burshtein, N., Peccia, J., Yarden, O., Rudich, Y.* (2012). Annual distribution of allergenic fungal spores in atmospheric particulate matter in the eastern Mediterranean: A comparative study between ergosterol and quantitative PCR analysis, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 12, 2681-2690.

    Yamamoto, N., Bibby, K., Qian, J., Hospodsky, D., Rismani-Yazdi, H., Nazaroff, W.W., Peccia, J.* (2012). Particle-size distributions and seasonal diversity of allergenic and pathogenic fungi in outdoor air, ISME Journal 6, (10) 1801-1811.

    Qian, J., Hospodsky, D., Yamamoto, N., Nazaroff, W.W., Peccia, J.* (2012). Size-resolved emission rates of airborne bacteria and fungi in an occupied classroom, Indoor Air 22, (4) 339-351.

    Shendell, D.G.*, Therkorn, J., Yamamoto, N., Kelly, S.W., Foster, C. (2012). Outdoor near-roadway, community and residential pollen, carbon dioxide and particulate matter measurements in the urban core of an agricultural region in central CA, Atmospheric Environment 50, 103-111.


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