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  • Naomichi Yamamoto사진


    Waseda University 응용물리학과, 학사, 1997
    Univ. of California, L.A., 환경보건학, 석사, 2000
    Univ. of Tokyo, 환경학, 박사, 2006
    Yale University, 환경공학, Postdoc, 2012


    바이오에어로졸, 대기 중 마이크로바이옴, 도시공기질 연구, 환경 미생물학, 실내 마이크로바이옴, 미생물 생태학, 분자 생태학




    최근 5년간(2011-2015)의 연구업적입니다.

    - Peer-Reviewed International Journal Articles -

    An, C., Yamamoto, N.* (2016). Fungal compositions and diversities on indoor
    surfaces with visible mold growths in residential buildings in the Seoul Capital
    Area of South Korea, Indoor Air, doi:10.1111/ina.12261.

    Lee, S., Yamamoto, N.* (2015). Accuracy of the high-throughput amplicon
    sequencing to identify species within the genus Aspergillus, Fungal Biology
    119, (12) 1311-1321.

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